The Hertfordshire Bird Atlas is being organised in conjunction with Bird Atlas 2007-11, the new national project to map the distribution and abundance of Britain's birds in both the winter and breeing seasons. Both projects will use the same methods, but the county atlas will map the distributions of our birds at the 2km scale, as illustrated by the distribution maps on this site.

Here you will find links to all the resources you need to help with Bird Atlas 2007-11 and the Hertfordshire Bird Atlas in the county.


Read online or download instructions and guidance for the Bird Atlas 2007-11 and the Hertfordshire Bird Atlas.


Download or request forms for the Bird Atlas 2007-11 and the Hertfordshire Bird Atlas.

Reference material

Download the official BTO list of two-letter species abbreviations, to make field recording easier. For the breeding season survey a set of activity codes is used to categorise your observations into Possible, Probable or Confirmed breeding. Download the list of codes from here or for a convenient wallet-sized card to take into the field, contact your 10km Square Co-ordinator listed on the Contacts page.


Some species are more difficult to establish proven breeding than others. These guidelines may help you to target your birdwatching time on those under-recorded species.


Access the Ordnance Survey Get-A-Map service to print a map of any tetrad and understand how this project is interacting with work in adjacent counties.


View or print the newsletters provided for participants in the Hertfordshire Bird Atlas.